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Barcelona Exclusive Sailing Experience

Barcelona is one of the most famous and most visited city in the world. It has a range of 32 million of tourist every year, and 18% of the revenue of Barcelona´s commercial sector which estimated of 2000 million euros every year.

Barcelona is an all in one city. You can visit an old city which shows the history. Let us not forget the architectural design from the famous, Antoni Gaudi. And of course, the beaches of Barcelona. Those are just examples of what you can see in the small city of Barcelona. It is not hard to travel because every touristic places are just near to each other and you have a lot of mids of transportation such as buses and subways. 

During summer, we can say that the busiest industry in Barcelona is the hospitality industry because of the huge number of tourists that come from all over the world. But that does not mean that the quality of service will be affected. The country of Spain are kind to accept different people from different countries like Philippines, Chi…

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