Monday, June 3, 2019

First Time Experience with Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is one of the leading airlines in the world. They are line of the airlines from United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways commenced their operation in 2003 and finally able to fly in Barcelona starting 2018. 

Last December 2018, we planned to spend our yearly vacation in the Philippines. So from Barcelona Spain, we booked a flight going to the Philippines through Etihad Airways. They are the only airline who was offering a promo for the dates that we needed.


Just like any other airlines, they are there to help you throughout the whole flight for all your needs. Being in Hospitality Industry, we expect them to be nice and bringing smile most of the time. But is just a sad thing that I did not see any smile from them during our flight. The first and last smile was when we were leaving the plane.

As part of hospitality industry, smile is one of the most important thing to offer. It makes the clients feel warmed and at home so it is really a big thing for me for I travel with them almost a whole day.


During our flights, especially for those long flights, we are always looking for something that will intertain us. But one of the first thing I noticed when I sat, is the monitor. That type of monitor is what I had during my first flight with Singapore Airline way back 2009. That is more or less, 10 years ago.  I just hope, they upgrade their facilities as they go wider the globe.

Another thing I noticed was the space on our sits. It is indeed smaller than Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways that will make you feel uncomfortable during the whole flight. You won't be able to stretch your legs and feet.
I was really dissapointed because our seat was really uncomfortable. I travelled with my mother and my brother, but my brother´s seat was away from us. And during our last flight, we seated on the last seats in the plane. But maybe, the problem was with the agency where we booked our flights. So it is really important to book your flight with a good reference travel agencies.
                        Overhead Bin

During our flight from Barcelona to Abu Dhabi, we did not have any problem. But from Abu Dhabi to Philippines, we had.Due to old aircraft that they have, we had to put our luggages in check in. Bad thing because of issues in Philippine Airport. The fact that we prepared those luggages as our hand carry but they had to get it due to small airplane. I hope they upgrade their planes to be able to access the needs and wants of new generation.
Etihad Airways offers you a variety of movies and series to watch from different countries specially in Asia. They also offer games for us to get entertained. 
In front of our seats are magazines to read and the menu that they offer during the flight. As well as the safety guide during emergency situation that we should always check out to remind ourselves. 


Etihad Airways offers variety of food, from meat to chicken. But of course, Etihad Airways is an airline from United Arab Emirates, so they have a middle eastern type of food to offer and if you are fan of it, good for you. But if not, sorry. And it is a bad thing for me because I did not like it that much. I am not really familiar with curry. Food is really depends on your appetite and preferability. 

If you finished to read this whole article, I know that you noticed that I did not like anything from this airline. I know I paid for a promo ticket but still, I paid a quiet amount of money, and I did not receive the service and comfort that I was expecting and needing. For now, I am sure I will not fly with this airline anymore unless they change their service and facility.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Where To Stay In Tagaytay

Tagaytay is known for its cold weather and it is few hours away from Metro Manila that gives people from the city to come. It is the best place for a whole family or group of friends because of different parks that it offers. Visitors have choices to come in the morning and go back at the afternoon. But for those who are planing to stay over night, here I recommend you the best place for your accomodation.

RedDoorz Plus @ The Ridge Tagaytay City


RedDoorz Plus @ The Ridge is located near Picnic Grove and People´s Park in The Sky. So it is really convinient for those people who are planing to visit those places. There are plenty of restaurants in the area as well. 

But aside from the places to visit in Tagaytay, it is also a good choice if you are planning to go in Enchanted Kingdom and Magical Field Of Light in Nuvali


The price depends on when you are planning to stay in this hotel. But when we booked it on December 27, 2018, we paid 2028,91 php for 1 night.

For 10% discount in Booking.Com you can use my link here.


In RedDoorz Plus @ The Ridge Tagaytay City, pets are allowed which is hard to find in other hotels. They have 24hours reception and a good wifi. They also provide their own parking. You can order foods as well. 


By booking a room, I always make use that it is big enough for all of us. But with this hotel, it did not dissapoint me. It bigger than I expected and I can say that it is the biggest room I booked and its price is quiet cheap. 

We booked a doble room but I can say that its bed is bigger than what it is. It seems like a queen bed! What a nice gift right?

Monday, February 11, 2019

Enchanted Kingdom

Travelling around will give you variety of choices on what to do and where to go. And aside from visiting the most historical places or the natural resources, you can also visit some theme parks.

Here in the Philippines, we do have " peryas" that you'd be able to see in some Baranggays. But of course, we still have big theme parks that people of all ages would surely love. We have Star City that is located in Pasay and that is near to Manila International Airport. But do not be sad if you are from the South or planning to visit especially Batanggas, Mindoro, etc. because we are proudly present to you the Enchanted Kingdom.

Location and Directions

Enchanted Kingdom is located at San Lorenzo South City of Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines 4026.

And for transportation, Enchanted Kingdom is offering a shuttle from the following locations:

  • 2nd floor, Ayala Park Square Carpark (in front of Dusit Thani Manila) 
  • Starmall Alabang (from Enchanted Kingdom Only)

Shuttle Rates:

  • Makati
    • P360 – Roundtrip | P180 – One ways
  • Starmall Alabang (from Enchanted Kingdom to Alabang Only)
    • P100 – One way

Entrance Ticket

  • Weekdays

    • Regular P698

    • Junior P490

  • Weekends/Holidays

    • Regular P785

    • Junio P590

You can directly book it here and to use my code for discounts, just share this blog post on your social media accounts and directly message me on my social media accounts with the screenshot as proof that you did.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Available Activities in Boracay After its Rehabilitation

The Island of Boracay is indeed a living paradise that you should not missed. And good to say, that the Government of The Philippines did their very best to preserve and mantain its beauty. 

But after the 6 months rehabilitation of Boracay, a lot of things have changed. Most of the water activities are located in Station 3 and not all the previous water activities are available in Boracay. Here are the water activities that are available in the Island of Boracay after its rehabilitation: 
Island Hopping

1. Island Hopping
         Walking around the shore, you will meet people who will ask you to join Island Hopping. It will be consisted of Island Hopping (Two Islands), Snorkeling and a lunch buffet. They are going to offer with different prices and based on our experience, the lowest price was 600 php.

2. Snorkeling
          Regarding with this activity, you can usually get this with island hopping.

3. Scuba Diving

4. Paraw Sailing

5. Standup Paddling

6. Parasailing

7. Fly Fish

8. Jet-ski

Parasailing, Fly Fish and Jet-Ski are availble in Station 3. While in station 2, you are only allowed for Standup Paddling. Lastly, in Station 1, Paraw Sailing and Standup Paddling are availble. 

Boracay now seems more relaxing than before. No words can express its beauty. I just hope that all the tourists will be more responsible and help one another so that we can experience the Boracay in many more years in the future. 

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Genesis 2:15 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Magical Field of Lights in Nuvali

One of the biggest event in the Philippines is Christmas. You're gonna see a lot of Christmas lights and parols on your town. But there is a Festival of Lights that will give you more of Christmas and childhood vibes because of its lights and music. 

Magical Field of Lights: A Stunning Christmas Light Show in Laguna

You can watch the whole christmas light show on the video above. 


This event is located in The Fields, Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna. 

So if you are planning to come in Enchanted Kingdom, you can as well pass by in this event. It on takes 25 minutes from Echanted Kingdom to Nuvali. 


The Magical Field of Lights opened last November 24, 2018 and will operate until January 13, 2019. 

The show starts at 18:00h to 22:00h, every 30 minutes.

What to Expect

It is a Disney themed and you are going to see a larger-than-life Mickey shaped structure at the center. They have 3,600 square meter field with 5,000 pieces of tulip that change in color and laser light that will truly amazes you. And Christmas lights along the area. 

You might be asking about the 50 meter Christmas tunnel. Sadly, they removed it because people kept on touching it. It is for the security and safety of everyone. 

Of course, aside from the event, you should not missed these stalls where you can buy cute stuff and foods

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

What To Do When You Booked To A Non-Accredited Hotel In Boracay

After the 6 months of rehabilitation of Boracay, the Government of The Philippines with The Department of Tourism made a lot of new rules to maintain the beauty of Boracay. They made some requirements for all the hotels and resorts in Boracay that they need to have and to follow to be considered as "Accredited" and be able to work with public.

But last December 2018, I was in Boracay for a short vacation and when we arrived at Jetty Port of Caticlan, where you need to present your hotel voucher as proof that you have booked an accommodation, we found out that our hotel is not accredited by the officials. So now I will tell you what to do if it happens to you:

1. Call the Hotel
When you find out that you hotel is not on the list of accredited hotels on the day of your stay, make sure you call the hotel to also know their part. By this, you can ask them on what you need to do, if they really work or not, if they can refund your money if they already charge you, etc. You need to double check everything.

2. Call the travel app, travel website or travel agency where you booked your hotel
It is really important to call them specially if you are not able to call or communicate with the hotel or resort. By that, they will help you to communicate with them, know your situation, give you suggestions, etc. 

3. Book to another hotel
After calling the travel agency, normally they will tell you to wait for they will contact the hotel and know their side, then they will call you back. This usually takes 1 hour. So I really recommend you to book to another hotel.
If your first hotel is not on the list, there is no way you could enter the island of Boracay. No matter what, you'd be needing to book to another hotel and just wait for the refund that usually takes 14 days depend on your bank.

4. Check the availability of other hotels and resorts
Check right away where you can book a hotel for your whole stay but before reserving, make sure to check if they are in the list of the accredited hotels and resorts so you won't make the same mistake twice. It is really important to book another hotel right away because remember you are there on the same day of your first stay in Boracay and there is possibility that most of the hotels are already full.
Take note that it is better that after verifying the hotel, call them directly and ask for their price for the days of your stay so you can compare it with the price on their website.

For now, you can check the List of Accredited Hotels and Resorts in Boracay.  If you see that your hotel is active on their social media accounts but are not on the list, cancel your reservation right away.

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