Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cereal Hunters Café Spain

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. You have a variety of choices of which type of breakfast you are going to take. You have such as American Breakfast, English or Full Breakfast, Continental Breakfast, or Buffet Breakfast.

As we grow up, some of us are fan of cereals. I remember when I was a kid, I made sure to try and taste every type of cereals in the Supermarket. 

But here in Cereal Hunters Cafe, the first cereal restaurant in Barcelona, they have 160 different types of cereals, 20 type of milk, and different types of toppings to create your perfect bowl of cereals.

Cereal Hunters Cafe

The Cereal Hunters´ branch that I went was in Barcelona for I am also living in Barcelona. But I am planning to go to their other branch when I have a chance to go in Madrid. Here are their branches in Spain:

  • Carrer del Consell de Cent 245
  • Near metro station: Universidad, Urgell
  • Contact Number: 937 06 10 83
  • Mejia Lequerica
  • Near metro station: Tribunal, Alonso Martinez
  • Contact Number: 910 71 35 80
  • Alcalá 90
  • Near metro station: Goya, Príncipe de Vergara
  • Contact Number: 910 71 18 88
  • Calle Reina 1
  • Near Metro Station: GranVía, Sevilla
  • Contact Number: 910 59 53 23
  • Atienza 5, Alcalá de Henares
  • Calle Conde de Miranda 4
  • Contact Number: 910 64 94 27
  • Avenida de Europa 22
  • Pozuelo de Alárcon 
  • Near Metro Station: Metro ligero Avenida de Europa
  • Contact Number: 910 66 81 87
It is good to know that they are open everyday from 9am to 9pm. But schedule may vary on holidays. It only proves that cereals are not only for breakfast!

You have 160 cereals to choose from, 20 type of milk, and different topping. Let me help you to guide how you are supposed to order your perfect bowl of cereals!
Here I show you the different prices for cereals, milk, topping and drinks.

  • First, you need to choose the size of your bowl. The price depends of the size of your bowl and if you are going to choose between national and international cereals. You can also mix two different type of cereals if you are going to the biggest size. 
  • They have different types of cereal for different type of taste. They have a sweet, chocolatey and even salty one. For sure everyone will love and enjoy the cereals and the environment! Here are all the types of cereals:

The cereals on the right side are the national cereals. Means they are made in Spain. It is easy to find them in the Supermarket not like the international cereals.

Now, here are the international cereals. Means they are made outside of Spain. Most of them are from America. International cereals are hard to find in a normal Supermarket. Maybe you can find them to some American shops or British shops.
  • Secondly, you need to choose the type of milk that you want, then the color. You can also add some syrups if you want too.
  • Their type of milks are:
  1. Whole
  2. Semi
  3. Skimmed
  4. Lactose free

  • They also have premium milks. 

  1. Fresh cow
  2. Fresh sheep
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Lemon
  5. Soy
  6. etc.

  • Available colors for milk

  1. Pink
  2. Green
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
  5. Blue
  6. Violet

  • And you can also add some syrups to add more flavor and sweetness
  1. Chocolate
  2. White chocolate
  3. Caramel
  4. Strawberry
  • Lastly, you can choose your toppings. Toppings are depend on your preference as well. If you do not want to add it, it is ok.
  1. Chocoflakes
  2. Chips Ahoy
  3. Marshmallow
  4. Kitkat
  5. Reese´s
  6. Lion
  7. Nestle
  8. Filipinos
  9. Galleta maria
  10. Oreo

They also have different types of drinks to offer:
  • Smoothies
  1. Strawberry and banana
  2. Papaya, mango and pineapple
  3. Blackberry, strawberry and raspberry
  4. Coconut, banana and pineapple
  • Coffee ´n Crunch
  1. Cinnabon with cinnamon
  2. Lucky charms with caramel
  3. Cocoa pebbles with chocolate
  • Milkshakes
  1. Froot loots
  2. Oreo
  3. Reese´s and maria cookies

What I ordered was a smoothy of strawberry and banana

You perfect bowl of cereal will be prepared in front of you. It is perfect for cereal lovers!

Our bowls of cereals
The cereals, toppings and syrups are already mixed in the bowl. You will have your bottle of milk separated so you can manage how much milk you want to put and so that cereals will still keep its crunchiness.

Being millennials, we do not only look how good the foods are but also how instragramable the place is. Cereal Hunters Café is perfect for us. Aside from its good food and good service, they have a big place and short number of clients. So you can have your privacy and you won´t mind disturbing other people. The interior design as well in unique and appropriate for its them. Here are some picture:

Me and my friends chose the big area with a sofa and few chairs. It is good for photos and talks but hard when you eat. So we move to the normal chairs and tables.

You can also see some displayed cereals and photographs. Stuffs are nice and let you do what you want as long as you don´t disturb other clients.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

You Have Your Own Timeline

¨It is ok to take time to process the weight of changing things, and it is ok not be sure of what the coming months will bring, but you may know that even here, you are much more than those things and there is still room to come alive and thrive within the waiting.¨

In this generation, we live in a time and a world where there are a lot of expectations. People will expect you be become successful at the age of 20, where in fact, at that age you just finish your University. And take note that not all of us will graduate or capable of receiving their degree at that age.

Do you still remember the first time you enter your class? You were clueless but excited at the same time. That is when you started building your dreams. Some wants to be a police officer, a doctor, a lawyer, and even a cashier.

Then during our teenage life, that´s when everything becomes blurry. Many of us won´t be able to imagine where they will be after 10 years from now. And that´s also the time where we feel too low. Bullies are there just because we are different. We feel like we cannot do anything or we cannot improve anymore.

But dear, life is not about how fast you get to your destinations. Many will graduate at the age of 20s but that´s not mean you are not on time. Maybe, some of us started working at the age of 18, they sacrificed their own dream for their family. And when you get your degree, that doesn´t mean you will get your dream job tomorrow.

Life is about being contented of what you have. And everyday, you work and step forward towards your dreamYou don´t have to judge someone just because they took a different path. As long as you work for your dream, you are on time! No matter what age and what kind of dreams is that, you are on time!

Even God know and promised to us that there is time for everything. In Eccesiastes 3:1 said, ¨For everything there is a season. And a time for every matter under heaven¨. Things that we prayed for will be given to us in its perfect time. We just need to surrender ourselves and desires of our heart to God and trust Him.

One os Alex Gonzaga´s concert she said, ¨Always trust the process. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes you think that it won´t go anywhere, but what ever you are facing right now, remember that it is just a preparation. Change your mind, come to God, pray to God. In anointing time, in God´s right time, He will show you your true purpose.¨

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Read His words, meditate it. Remember His promises for every situations. Just like in Jeremiah 29:11, ¨For I know the plans I have for you¨
declares the Lord, ¨They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you hope and a good future. He himself know that He has a great plan for you, so do not be dismayed and have faith in Him.

And lastly, remember that it is not dream or material things that fills us, but the presence of Jesus Christ in our life. He is the one who will fill the emptiness in our heart and life

Queen City of the South | Cebu, Philippines


With the Philippines´ 7,641 islands, Cebu is one of  the most famous. So here I share to you the cheapest way to spend your vacation in the Queen City of the South, Cebu! 

 Book your flight
Skyscanner is a website (they also have their app) where you can see prices of flight anywhere and anytime. Here is how you can use this website to get the cheapest flights.

Then after deciding the appropriate and cheapest flight for you, go to Traveloka website to get discounts! You can get more discounts by downloading their app and don´t forget to sign up because first time users get their exclusive discounts. Take note that it is only available to some countries.

My rountrip ticket MNL-CEB & CEB-MNL is only 2,100php! You just need to be patient to look for the price from time to time and follow the process. You don´t need promos anymore.

As we arrived in Mactan-Cebu International Airport, we booked in Mactan Cebu Airport Budget Hotel through just for 1 night. The room is good for 6 persons and you have to share the bathroom but that won't be a problem because they have a lot of showers that gives you privacy.
Cebu City 1 Day Itinerary
We just planned a 1 day tour around the city of Cebu. It´s just a small city and traveling in Cebu, you should focus on their beaches. You can also research about places to visit in the area and just choose some based on your preference.  Here is our itinerary for 1 day tour in Cebu City : 

You can also book your tour
Magellan´s Cross 

Sirao Garden

Temple of Leah
     It has 20 pesos entrance fee. It is a temple for Ellen Adarna´s grandmother. 

10, 000 Roses Cafe 
For your night tour, I recommend you the 10,000 roses café. It´s a new tourist spot in Cebu city and you can see more of its beauty during night. But better to be there before 6pm because of number of people going there.

Cebu City to South Cebu

The next morning, we went to Cebu South Bus Terminal to take a bus going to Oslob. It cost us 160 php per person. It´s almost a 5 hours ride.We were a little bit late so as we arrive in Oslob, we just went to the nearest beach and took a rest.

South Cebu Journey

We stayed in Casa Solmar in Oslob. I highly recommend you this place! They are too nice to accommodate us and even booked a motorcycle drivers to take us for whaleshark watching. The trip cost us 300 php per head and the drivers already got numbers for us so we didnt have to fall in line for so long. They will help you with everything and they will even suggest you things so you can save money and enjoy at the same time.

Whale Shark Watching
500 php / pax
You need to get a number before you see the whale sharks. So better ask someone to get number for you, ask the natives. There is also a 10 minutes briefing about do´s and don´ts. Then they will give you your gear but I recommend you to bring your own gear. Book here.

Going to other places in South Cebu will cost you thousands of peso per person and per destination. Out hotel stuff helped us to find a place where we can rent motorcycles. It´s just 600 pesos  / motorcycle for 24 hours. So don´t forget to bring a friend who can drive for you. Here are some places to visit in South Cebu: 

Kawasan Falls 
Kawasan falls is way too far from Oslob. It can take you more than an hour to get there. There is an app called Maze than can lead you going there. But be careful because it can also give you a wrong way. 

It is 10 minutes walk from the entrance to get in Kawasaki falls. You can rent life vest for only 20 php. There are small stores in the area for your miryenda.
Book your tour here.

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is way too near from Oslob. It is only open for public until 5 pm. There is a boat that you can rent and it cost us 1,200 php. It´s a little bit expensive because we were just 5 persons in one big boat. I recommend you to get there early in the morning so you can share the fare with other travellers. It is only a 15 minutes ride and you can see a paradise. It has a white sand and clear water.

Osmeña´s Peak

It´s the highest peak in Cebu but unfortunately we could´t drive anymore to get there because it was raining. People from there said that it usually rains during morning so try to go there in the afternoon. 

Just Passing By

By passing in the South Cebu, you will see places worth taking pictures


Don´t forget to bring delicacies of Cebu in your own town. Before going to the airport, pass by  in Taboan Supermarket for cheapest and affordable pasalubong such as dried mangoes, danggit, otap, and etc.. You can buy kilos of your dried fish for cheap price.

But always go advance to the airport because you might experience unexpected traffic in the city. And always expect delayed flights! 

Total amount of money I spent in Cebu is only 7,000 php including everything.