365 Days Available Discounts for Your Flights and Accommodations

As travelers, one thing that we are always waiting are promos. We try to subscribe or follow to those airline or travel agencies´ websites or social media accounts so we are always updated to their promos. And sometimes, we spend the whole night waiting to book a flight. On the other hand, some goes in the office of the said companies early in the morning just to avail the promos.

But on this blog, I will show you how to get the lowest price for your airfare and accommodation anytime! You will get different types of discounts or vouchers anytime you want. Travelling is cheap and will never be so expensive, so I hope you can now go to your dream destination.

Traveloka is an online travel company where to can get discounts. You can visit their website https://www.traveloka.com/en-ph/ . You can also download their app on Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. By downloading their app, you can get an exclusive promo code for your first time booking.

So here I attach the photo of the app when you search it on App Store or Google Store. The name of the application is ¨Traveloka Book flight and Hotel¨. You can also see the logo of the company so you will not get confused to some other app. 

While watching vlogs on Youtube, I learned about this website or mobile application where you can get different promo codes for your flights and accommodations. But take note that it is only available is some countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

How to Book Your Flight

  • First, you need to open their mobile application. You just need to decide what you are going to book, either a flight or a hotel. You can also choose either it is local or international. On their main page, you can see the alerts and on going promos that they always have. 
  • You need to fill-up the details of your desired flight. Tap the blank of origin to choose where you are coming from. Then tap the blank of destination to choose where you are going to. Then set the dates of departure and return. Mark the number of passenger and the seat class that you want.
  • Now you will see the available flight for your designated destinations and date. You just have to choose the time and the price that is the best for your preferences. 

  • After choosing the flights, they will provide you the summary of your flights. You better double check it to avoid rebooking or anything else
  • After booking, you will proceed to filling up the for of your personal informations. Kindly take note that the details such as names and birth dates should be the same as your passport or identification card. After filling up the informations, you will proceed to reviews so you can double check all your details and contact number.
  • You will proceed to the payment. There are many ways for your payment such as bank transfer, using your debit/credit card, over the counter, bank deposit or through paypal. During the payment, you can also put the promo code in there by just clicking the ¨add coupon¨ then ¨use cuopon¨
  • It will process and when everything is ready, you will get the voucher as confirmation. You can also receive a text message or email from Traveloka.
How to Book You Accommodation 
  • It is almost the same as booking your flight. Just go to their website or app. 
  • Fill up the details. Type your destination or if you are already there, you can search the hotels near you. Mark the check in and check out dates. As well as the number of guests and rooms. You can also mark your preference in the price and star of your preferred accommodation.
  • You can now see the list of accommodation in the specific area. You can filter this list by clicking the filter on the left down corner. You can filter by the price range per night, star rating, facilities that you will be needing, accommodation preferences and types, and landmark. 
  • You can also sort it by highest popularity, lowest price, highest price and highest rating.
  • After choosing the best accommodation for you, you now need to choose the type of room that you need. Take note the prices are depend of the type of your room.
  • Just like booking your flight, you also need here to fill-up your personal informations. You can also book it for another person, you just need to put his personal details as well.
  • You will now have the booking reviews. You can double check that the check in and check out date are correct. As well as the type of room. You also better check the cancellation policy. And lastly, your personal information and the price details.
  • Lastly, the payment section. There are a lot of way for payment. This is an example, over-the-counter. You can pay in 7eleven, M-Lhuiller, Cebuana, or coins.ph. Take note that you can only pay for specific time. Here is also where you can put your coupon for discounts. You can finalize this last step then you will receive your voucher or confirmation of your booking.
On Going Promotions
Everyday, exactly 365 days, they have promos for you. Unlike other travel agencies that you need to wait and it is only limited for some days or number of applicants.

You will be able to see their ongoing promo on their main page then click ¨promos¨. You will see the list of promos they have for you. Take note that promos can varies depend on where you are from and places you are going to visit.


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