Cheapest Airfare Around The World

Are you a traveller? Or maybe you just want to get out of your usual place. So here I recommend you a website where you can find cheapest flights anywhere and anytime!
Take note that after seeing the price for the dates that you are interested in, you can go directly to the website of that airline and book there directly.

There is also a website where you can get discounts and that´s called Traveloka. I recommend you to download their application (Available for iOS and Android users). They have exclusive discounts for first time joiners. After seeing the price in Skyscanner, you can also book directly in traveloka. Take note that it is only available for some countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. They have discounts for flights and accommodations from time to time.

Now, traveling is cheap! Trust me, you don't need too much money to travel. There are a lot of ways how to get cheap flights, cheap accommodations, travel tips, etc.


1. No Destination, No Date 
Haven´t decided yet where and when to go? This one is good for people who are available anytime and want to explore the world. Sometimes you can find a round trip ticket for only 30 euro. When you see that, better to book it right away and here is how: 
First, go to skyscanner website. You can also download their mobile application

Second, mark your destination as ¨Can´t decide where?¨ So list of different destination will appear
Third, click the departure date the choose the ¨Whole Month¨ then ¨Cheapest Month¨. By clicking the cheapest month, you will see the cheapest months for different destination
Lastly, By clicking ¨search flights you can now see the list of cheapest flight. Take note that the list may change so better to check it from time to time.

 Now here, you can now see the cheapest airfare. Click the desired destination then the cheapest month for that destination will appear

2. Yes Destination, No Date
Do you wanna know when can you go to your dream destination? 
First, type where your dream destination is
Second, mark your date and chose ¨Whole Month¨ then ¨Cheapest Month¨
Lastly, you can see the cheapest month for your dream destination. You can also see the price of the fare every day so choose the cheapest dates! 

 You can now see the cheapest airfare for your destination. Take note that it is better to check the fare from time to time.

3. No Destination, Yes Date
First, mark your destination as ¨Can´t decide where?¨
Second, mark your preferred dates
Lastly, by clicking ¨Search Flight¨ you can now see the list of countries and their cheapest airfare!
After seeing the prices, you can go directly go to the airline´s website and book there directly. Or you can also try to book in traveloka, click here to know how it works.

There´s no more reason to stay at home!


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  2. Love Traveling, This is great info and helpful.. It's always nice to find some deals and savings when traveling as it can get so expensive

  3. What a helpful post! We really need to start traveling more!!!


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