Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Plan Your DIY Trip

We all want to travel but we are always thinking of how expensive it is. So in this blog, I´m going to teach you on how to plan your DIY (Do It Yourself) trip. By planning your DIY trip, you can handle or manage the total amount of money, or even the amount of money that you are going to spend on every travel category, that you will be using for your trip.

There are a lot of ways to plan your trip such as going to an agency. It is much easier so you won´t need to bother yourself booking for your flights and hotels, doing your itineraries, etc.. But did you know that it will cost you much more money going to a travel agency? Of course there will be service fee, commissions, etc. and we don´t want those stuff! We want to save our money as much as possible.

Reasons Why It´s Better To Plan Your DIY Trip

  1. Most of the travel agencies, they already have packages with specific dates. In that way, travelers can have ¨promos¨ which means it is cheaper. But because of specific dates that they have, you will be needing to adjust your schedule.
  2. Most ¨promos¨ that the travel agencies have, they are not applicable for holidays. So you are planing for your holiday trip this holy week or Christmas, ¨promos¨ won´t be fit for you.
  3. When you book on a travel agency, expect some hidden and extra charges. 
  4. Booking you own flights means you can choose what time do you wanna arrive in your destination. 
  5. You can choose what type of accommodation will be fit for your needs and preferences.
  6. You handle your whole time on the trip that you´re  gonna make.

Ways to Plan Your DIY Trip

1.  Visa / Passport

  • Before deciding for you destination or for your trip, make sure you have your passport with you
  • Some passport are powerful enough to be your visa to other countries too (European passport, British passport, etc)
  • Every passport has their own privileges. Some passport are allowed to visit country without visa but others don't. So better make sure to know the privileges of your passport.
  •  Do some research regarding if your destination needs a visa and how to apply for it. You can read some article or blogs regarding how to get approved. You can ask tourist who already went to those countries or directly contact the embassy for clearly clarifications. 

  • Think about how much you want or you can spend on your trip for everything will depend on your budget
  • Make a list of money range that you can spend on your flights, hotels, pockets money, etc. For example you have 300 euro. You can say that for your 3 days trip, you have 40 euro for your airfare, 30 euro for your accommodation, 180 euro for your allowance, and lastly 50 euro for emergency fund. 
  • Always have an extra money or emergency fund whenever you go on a trip. You can have the money with you or leave it on your bank account just in case. 
  • The amount of money that you are going to use may be based by the number of days that you are going to stay. You can say 50 euro per day, it is up to you.
  • There are places that expenses are cheap or expensive. You can based that on which category they are in (first world, third world, etc.).
3. Book your flight

  •  I made a blog regarding on how you can get the cheapest airfare for your destination.
  • On that blog, you can choose whether you already have a destination or a date for you trip
  • You will be able to choose the dates of your flights based on you availability or the price of the flights
  • Also one thing that will help you is follow the social media accounts of airlines so you will be updated whenever they are going to have a promo.
4. Book your accommodation

  • I also made a blog regarding what to look for a great accommodation
  • Your preference and needs are important factor on looking for your accommodation
  • The amount of money that you are willing to spend for your accommodation is also a based while looking for your accommodation
  • There are website you can look to for your accommodation such as, agodaexpedia, etc. And also a website/phone app which gives you discounts for your flight and accommodation. How to use it? Check out my blog. 
5. Currency

  • You need to know the currency of the country that you are going to visit
  • Make a change in the airport. You can also make a research and ask some travellers or natives where is the best place to change your money
  • Always bring cash with you. Take note that you cannot pay by card in all shops and restaurant 
6.  Tourist destinations

  • Do some research regarding the most tourist attractions in that city/country 
  • Make a list of all the tourist places that you want to visit based on your preferences. Take note that you do not have to go to every tourist spots, just choose the best for you so you will not have to waste your time on the place that you do not like.
  • Make a group of those tourist spots that you want to go. You can divide the map by North, East, West, South, so you can arrange your itinerary and you do not have to go from east to west and vice-versa. 
  • You should also think that the number  of places that you are going to visit is depend on how long you are going to stay in that place
7.  Transportation

  • Ahead of time, do some research about the transportation
  • You need to know  how to get from the airport to your hotel. You should at least have two listed ways just in case of emergency.
  • Know the mid of transportation in the city and how much the fare is so you can budget your allowance. 
8. Foods 

  • Aside from tourist spots, you should also try the native foods
  • Make a list of famous foods
  • Don´t forget to take note where you can eat those food and some good restaurants 
  • Download some apps of fast food or restaurants for discounts
  • The Fork is an app which gives you discount if you reserve directly from the app. It is only available in some cities in Europe
9. Do´s and Dont´s 

  • It is the most important, do your research regarding their basic rules and regulations of your destination
  • Take note that every country has their own laws. Maybe it is nothing for your but not for them.
The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life. The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.
Psalm 121:7-8


  1. I loved this post! Very helpful, will definitely put it to good use! Xx

  2. There’s some great tips here!! Bringing cash with you is so important, we’ve been stuck in Greece before not being able to draw money out and nobody accepting cards!!

    It can change so quick in some places so that’s a great tip.

    Thanks for sharing


    1. It is really important. I learned from my mistakes too :D

  3. I do my trips on my own. And I am agree with your recommendations. Thanks for this post.

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  7. We went on two trips this year. One through and agency and the other not. The one through the agency was much more expensive and a little prohibitive as far as what we could do while on the trip. Both trips were amazing but I don't think I will use an agency again.

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