Summer Capital of The Philippines, Baguio City

Talking about Philippines, you might think of warm weather and its islands but did you know that there´s a place where weather can be at 12º in the morning of December? Yes, and that´s the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City.

Baguio is famous for its cold weather and strawberries. And even ghost stories for the earthquake that happened in 1990. Tragedies happened but we cannot deny the beauty of this city and its people.

Bus Transportation from Cubao Quezon City 
From Cubao Quezon City, you can take a bus going directly in Baguio City that will only cost you 445 php. It´s a 5 hours trip so better check the time schedule in the website of Victory Liner Bus or just go directly to their terminal. They have various terminal so better check their website. Below is the price range based on your departure:

They also have an upgraded bus which has aircon and toilet. They have stops every 2 hours. From there, you can eat snacks or just stay in the bus.

And for your accomodation, there´s a lot of hotel or apartments in the area. You can find through Traveloka and get some discounts! We stayed in Hotel Supreme Baguio that only cost us 1020 php, twin bed, breakfast included.

Hotel Supreme Baguio has two buildings. The old and new building. We were allocated in the old building, underground. You can upgrade and move in the new building with additional cost. They also have restaurant in the area, where breakfast is also served. 

For your transportation in the area, you can book a grab or just take a taxi that will only cost you less than 70 php going to one area to another.Or if you are patient enough, you can ride their jeepneys. Take note that going down in Mines View Park to the Wright Park is hard to get a jeepney. 
    Places to Visit in Baguio City
Mines View Park 
They are open early in the morning. It´s better to be there before the sunrise so you can witness its beauty. You can take picture with the big dog or with the horse. You can also try the famous strawberry taho. 

Wright Park
Horse back riding : 
200 php / pax for 30 minutes
300 php / pax for 1 hour
Costume and head gear: 20 php 

The Mansion

Night Market 
Open from 21H to 24H
I was not able to take a picture of the night market because of how crowded it was when we went there. And also, I was being aware and avoiding some pick pocketers
 Camp John Hay
This was not part of the itinerary. My friend just recomended me this one. They have different activities that you can try. They are all available in Tree Top. Some of the activities are the following: 

Canopy and Funicular Ride 350php
Superman Ride 300php
Tree Drop 150php
Trekking 100php
Silver Surfer 200php

All these activities are affordable and stuff are nice to assist you. To book in advance, you can book here.

Strawberry Farms
It is located in La Trinidad Benguet. Better to go there as soon as possible. because even if we arrived there at 9am, we cannot get any strawberry so we just bought outside the farm.

Burnham Park
Boat rent: 120php / pax / hour
Bicycle rentals: 50php / pax
They have a lot of activities such as ride a bike, ride a boat, skate at skating rink, ride a bump car. Prices for every activity are different.
There are also places where you can eat specially street foods. But take note that cooking in the park is not allowed.

Going Back in Cubao, Quezon City
For your information, you cannot book or reserve your bus seat going back in Cubao Quezon City. So better spend time going earlier in the bus terminal. 

More picture from Baguio Trip


  1. I always have been interested to visit Philippines. With your blog, I can see how beautiful this country is. I hope to visit Philippines someday :)

  2. I totally agree Baguio is so nice. :) :) :)

  3. Philippines is such a beautiful country. Would love to visit it someday:)
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  4. thanks for all these great tips! I've never been to the Philippines but hope to go someday. I'd love to rent one of those boats!

  5. I can't get enough of strawberries so going to a strawberry farm would be a dream come true. If I ever make it to the Philippines, this will be on my bucket list.

  6. Sounds like a super vacation. I never knew there was so much to see and do in the Philippines


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