Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Testimony: I Saw How God Moved into My Life

Since the day God gave us as a gift to our parents, He´s been showing His love for all of us. He´s been working on us, making us to believe His greatness without the need of people´s thoughts and approvals.

It was on my first year in the ministry when I first encountered Him personally. He showed His mercy and love for me that I will never deny.

It´s been a year since I went back to abroad, exactly January 2017. I live with my mother and brother that time. My had a cancer and was on treatment. It´s only me and my brother who was working and we still needed to pay the apartment and bills.

I resigned to my previous job, December 2016 because of many reasons. I didnt have job after that and I just trusted Him. I believed in all His promises and focused on Him for a deeper relationship and spiritual life. I know, in His perfect time He will give me my desires, a better job.

But it was Friday on January 2016 when my brother had an accident while playing basket ball. He broke his bone on his palm. We were in the hospital for 5 hours. I was just praying for my brother and for God to guide my family. So my brother had to take a long rest from his job and under go for a treatment.

On that week, we found out that on the next month, my mom will not receive any financial help from the government that she´d been receiving since the time that she undergo for the treatment of her cancer.

That time I was so down. I didnt have job, my brother had to stop working because of his injury and they will cut off the financial help of my mother. But I never lose hope. I pray day and night, I focused on Him and I didnt get dissapointed. That was also the time I hold to His promise:

¨Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well¨
-Matthew 6:33

It´s a simple verse that needs faith. But it´s also the verse that leads me to Him. I hold to it since then till now, it became my life verse.

And it happened. The next day I had a meeting with my high school classmate who introduced me to a writer. They offered me a part time job that I need to translate a whole book to Tagalog, my native language.

During that meeting, I received a message from a person who´s an owner of an air b &b. He was offering me to be a model and be his secretary as well. I instantly called him after the meeting and decided to meet next week.

My friend of mine from high school also offered me a job to be a sales clerk in the company that she´s working for. The next week I pass by to her job and left my curriculum.

And my brother had a fast recovery that time. He didnt need to go to any operation. He went back to work and my mother didnt need to worry about financial anymore.

God is good all the time! He´ll never leave you. On time of tragedies, He will prove Himself to you. All you have to do is have faith in Him! Put him on top of your priority.

Just an update, right now I am working in a hotel for 2 years and soon to be promoted. It is the field that I´ve been desiring of and it is God who gave it to me.
It´s all praise to Him!

Best Place to Stay in Luxembourg - Le Chatelet

One of the smallest country in Europe is Luxembourg. It is one of the bucket list and most recommendable if you are staying or traveling around Germany, Belgium and France. There are direct trains or buses from those countries that makes it easier to access and come to Luxembourg.

Every time we travel, one of the things we look for is our accommodation. I made a blog regarding things to look for while searching for a great accommodation that will surely help you 100%. You can look into that blog so next time you are going to travel, you will surely be able to get the best accommodation that is suited on your taste!

We stayed in Luxembourg for 3 days and 2 nights, good enough to be able to visit the best places in town. As what I´ve said on the first part of this blog, Luxembourg is just a small country that is suited if you are planning for a short vacation. Finally, I booked our accommodation in Le Chatelet, a 3 stars hotel.

What I noticed before booking our accommodation?
  • Flights are cheap but accommodations in Luxembourg is a bit expensive. 
  • You can find a simple apartment in the center or old part of the city that will cost you 70€ and a 3 star hotel that will cost 75€ per night
  • The prices of accommodations are depend on its area. Luxembourg is a small country, if you are willing to spend 30 to 40 minutes in the bus to get in the center of the city, you can find an accommodation for around 50€ per night
  • You should consider a lot of things before concluding where to stay
Le Chatelet review

  • Its location is in Bd de La Petrusse 2, Gare, 2320 Luxembourg, exactly 1.1km from the center. 
  • From the airport, you can ride a 20 minutes bus going there and walk less than 5 minutes. 
  • It is accessible to a lot of bus stop and Luxembourg Railway Station
  • It is 20 minutes walking from the center
  • We were 4 persons and we spent 320€ for our 2 nights stay in Le Chatelet
  • We booked a standard quadruple room
  •  So each of us paid 20€ per night
  • The price is worthy because of the location and quality of entire hotel
  • The price depends on type of room that you are going to book

  • We stayed in a standard quadruple room
  • It is on the 3rd floor of the hotel
  • You need to take a short spiral staircase before you arrive in the room. It is OK for us because we are all young but not for people aged 50 years old and up 
  • The room is literally big. I really expected it to be smaller but we had a big space
  • We had 4 single beds but I can say that two of them are double beds. Beds are best quality
  • Everything is clean, even the toilet
  • The only bad thing is the heater that you can hear the water from it and it keeps turning on and off so we felt cold on our first night. The next day they gave us a portable heater that really helped. 

  • When we booked our room, the breakfast was not included but we tried it on our first morning 
  • Their breakfast costs 12.50€ per person
  • They have a lot of variety of foods that we are all going to like
  • They have breakfast area, restaurant, fitness center, bar, parking and free wifi
  • We are all going to check first the wifi and good to say that even if we stayed on the highest part, the internet connection is still good
  • You can check here the other facilities and incluions that they have 

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¨Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.¨
Isaiah 30:21

Friday, November 2, 2018

Salon del Manga Barcelona 2018

Manga Fair Barcelona (Salon del Manga Barcelona) is an annual fair here is Barcelona where you can see your favorite manga, anime, writers, creators, cosplayers, etc. that has a relation in Manga. They even promote asian culture specially Japanese so you can also encounter some cultural attire and food delicacy. 


To enter this event, you will need to buy an entrance ticket. Years ago, if you go there wearing a costume, your entrance ticket will be for free. But they already change it, so you need you buy your ticket. You have two options where to buy it. You can buy it directly in their website. Or if you want, you can buy your ticket directly when you arrive in the event place. You just need to queue depends on number of people and on the day when you are going.


They have different prices, here are some:
  • 4 Day Pass : It is a 4 day event and if you are planning to go every day it is a better choice for you to buy this one. It costs 33€ which gives you a 1 day free entrance
  • Standard Ticket : This one is only valid for 1 day pass and it costs 11€
  • Reduced Ticket : If you have a European Youth Card (Carnet Jove) this is for you. It gives you 2€ discount which means you only need to pay 9€
  • Invitation Cosplayer: This one is only for cosplayer and it is only limited for 3000 cosplayers and is only available on the second day of the event, November 2, 2018. If you are lucky to get this one, you do not need to pay for your entrance ticket.
  • Please take note that children below 4 years old, born after 5th of November 2018, is free
The said event has different venue every year. But for this year, 2018, they are located in Fira Barcelona Montjuic with the address of Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, s/n, 08004 Barcelona. It is one of the touristic place here in Barcelona so you have variety of choices on how to get here depends on your destination, just click here to know.

Salon del Manga Barcelona 2018

When you arrive in the event place better to get the program proper so you have an idea the list of events that will be organized and directions on what you can see in every building.
For now I will leave you with my on the day edit video of Salon del Manga in Barcelona 2015

Death, a New Beginning

Death is something that most of people are afraid of. There are people who are committing suicide expecting that after death, they will finally have a peaceful time. Others are sad just by thinking about death because of the pain that their loved ones are going to feel. And for those who are left behind, some are sad because someone died, but others are sad because of debt that has been left to them. And many more emotions that people can feel because of death.

When I was a kid, I used to think of how would I die and how would I look inside the coffin. I don´t wanna die feeling the pain, or seeing the wounds and bloof in my body. I just wanna die peaceful but will that happen? Will my friends and family be crying? Where would I go after death, hell or heaven?

Those are random questions in my mind everytime I am thinking about death. But after having a deep relationship with God, my perspective changed. It became brighter about what will happen after death. I felt so much peace instead of fear. And assurance instead of confussion.

¨For God so loved the world, he gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have an eternal life¨
-John 3:16 
This is the most beautiful gift and promise to us from God almighty. It is by His grace that we are saved. Honor Jesus Christ as our God and put Him on our top priority. And love our neighbors and enemies. Those are some of His laws that we should follow every seconds of our life. 

He is great to always forgive and forget our sins. We just need to confess our sins, ask for forgiveness and repent. He will surely forgive us and forget our sins. He is not like us who forgive but never forget the sins of others. We should learn and live the way Jesus Christ live.

After learning and understanding those things, my perspective about death had changed. God loves us and it his by His grace that we will be saved. It is not about our good doings while we are in this world. So now, I am not afraid to die as long as I know His promise, that I live my life the way he wants to and follow His rules. I am human and I am not perfect. But I know that my God loves me, I need to repent and come to Him and I am sure that He will forgive me. 

After death, I know he will give me what He promised. An eternal life in heaven, with Him. There will be no more pain, no more sadness. We don´t need to suffer anymore. We will always sing of praise for His goodness that he showed to us. 

Here I end this blog. These are few of His promises to us, few of things that we need to know. I hope I can say and share more but I am sure God will prove those in your life. I am praying for you to have a deep relationship with God. And death is not something we should be afraid of, for we know that after death, it is a new beginning. A beginning of life full of love, joy and peace in His kingdom.