Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Testimony: I Saw How God Moved into My Life

Since the day God gave us as a gift to our parents, He´s been showing His love for all of us. He´s been working on us, making us to believe His greatness without the need of people´s thoughts and approvals.

It was on my first year in the ministry when I first encountered Him personally. He showed His mercy and love for me that I will never deny.

It´s been a year since I went back to abroad, exactly January 2017. I live with my mother and brother that time. My had a cancer and was on treatment. It´s only me and my brother who was working and we still needed to pay the apartment and bills.

I resigned to my previous job, December 2016 because of many reasons. I didnt have job after that and I just trusted Him. I believed in all His promises and focused on Him for a deeper relationship and spiritual life. I know, in His perfect time He will give me my desires, a better job.

But it was Friday on January 2016 when my brother had an accident while playing basket ball. He broke his bone on his palm. We were in the hospital for 5 hours. I was just praying for my brother and for God to guide my family. So my brother had to take a long rest from his job and under go for a treatment.

On that week, we found out that on the next month, my mom will not receive any financial help from the government that she´d been receiving since the time that she undergo for the treatment of her cancer.

That time I was so down. I didnt have job, my brother had to stop working because of his injury and they will cut off the financial help of my mother. But I never lose hope. I pray day and night, I focused on Him and I didnt get dissapointed. That was also the time I hold to His promise:

¨Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well¨
-Matthew 6:33

It´s a simple verse that needs faith. But it´s also the verse that leads me to Him. I hold to it since then till now, it became my life verse.

And it happened. The next day I had a meeting with my high school classmate who introduced me to a writer. They offered me a part time job that I need to translate a whole book to Tagalog, my native language.

During that meeting, I received a message from a person who´s an owner of an air b &b. He was offering me to be a model and be his secretary as well. I instantly called him after the meeting and decided to meet next week.

My friend of mine from high school also offered me a job to be a sales clerk in the company that she´s working for. The next week I pass by to her job and left my curriculum.

And my brother had a fast recovery that time. He didnt need to go to any operation. He went back to work and my mother didnt need to worry about financial anymore.

God is good all the time! He´ll never leave you. On time of tragedies, He will prove Himself to you. All you have to do is have faith in Him! Put him on top of your priority.

Just an update, right now I am working in a hotel for 2 years and soon to be promoted. It is the field that I´ve been desiring of and it is God who gave it to me.
It´s all praise to Him!


  1. Good to know that now everything is fine. Thanks for sharing this.. Yes, we do trust in god, faith in him, believe in him. He will protect you.

  2. God is good all the time to those that seek Him. It seems like you're happy and the fact that you're praising God says it all. I'm so glad things are working out for you.

  3. This was very sweet and well written. If we look, we can see God in even the smallest of moments.

  4. This is such a wonderful post. Thank you for opening up and sharing!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to find God, we can only speak of our own testimony and its beautiful that you are doing that! So glad for you!

  6. I am glad that you were able to find something to believe in. That is wonderful for you.

  7. Thanks for sharing this, I'm so glad that you have found something like this to believe in.

  8. This is so very beautiful! I love that you have seen the work of God and what He can do in your life.

  9. What a beautiful testament of your blessing and gratitude! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us!

  10. Beautiful testimony. When we are open to God, every day we can see his love in our lives.

  11. I love how you have found your faith, I am still searching.


  12. There are times when believing in God is difficult because you feel betrayed or abandoned, but in my heart I can not stop having faith and believing in him!

  13. That's very thoughtful and inspiring. May God gives you strength in everything you do.

  14. It was really insightful.
    Thanks for such a nice content.
    BTW if anyone interested more have a look thanks