Friday, September 13, 2019

Instagram Ask Me Anything Featuring Snapchat

Nowadays, Instagram and Snapchat are indeed a trend in Social Media. But what if we combine the two of them together? Last June 2019 I made the famous ¨Ask Me Anything¨ in Instagram featuring some of my Snapchat Photos and Videos. You can see the whole story thread on my Instagram account, check that out!

I already answered in those questions and messages, however, I will elaborate my answers in this blog. So here are some questions that I got: 

Disclaimer: Some of the questions or messages are in Tagalog, my native language, and I will try my best to translate them in English. 

Question by: @itsmejeizhel

¨When will be your wedding? Congrats in advance¨ 

Those important people in my life already know that Michael, my long time boyfriend, proposed to me last January 2019. And we are planning our wedding on October 2020, that is gonna be next year on my birth month. I cannot share more details because we havent fixed it yet but hopefully I will be able to share all the details here soon. 

Question by: @cjxaustria

Question by: @supercy_1

¨What are you skin care?¨

My answers are: 1. Seriously vev? ...stating all the products I am currently using.. and of course 10 hours of sleep! 2. Just don´t take a bath every day

This one is kinda joking around but those are facts. 10 hours of sleep is trully one of the reason I got rid of my pimples. Specially if you are able to sleep 10 hours straight at night (it can be 8 hours). And do not take bath everyday is not for your face but for your hair. Our hair need the natural oil the it releases and shampoos make our hair to look not so healthy.

Btw, I have a blog post sharing my skincare routine, check that out! 

Question by: @darlyyne03

¨Why I do not have any questions to you?¨

My answer is ¨Because you already know everything about me even then sound of my fart¨

You know when you always joke around with your friends about what happened before. It makes me laugh everytime I see this. And if you are around me, you know that I share a lot of my life with people who I trully care and love. And the person who asked this question if one of my best friends. I literally tell and ask her EVERYTHING. 

Question by: @sebastienpangilinan

¨Ahhh it is close¨

My response is ¨Kyah, can I buy something? What time are you gonna open?¨

It is from one of the most famous videos / memes in the Philippines. When a drunk guy kept on begging to buy a cigarette from a store that is already close. He was so drunk that he kept on reapiting everything: ¨kyah, can I buy something?¨, ¨ahhh, it is close¨, ¨what time are you going to open?¨. Because of this meme, friends can talk with those phrases without even explaining and that is so funny. 

By the way, can you still remember when this filter from Snapchat got trend? Every snapchat user have this photo haha. 

 Question by: @___j.u.s.t.i.n

¨When are you coming to see me?¨

I told him, ¨I dont know *crying emojis* But I will see you next year, right?¨

This is a question from my friend in United Kingdom. Two years ago I promised him that I was going to visit him but because of changes in plans, I couldnt to. How I wish to be able to come to UK and visit all my friends there. But my wedding is gonna be next year and I invited them. I really pray that they will be able to come in the Philippines for my wedding, I will trully appreciate that! 

Question by: @armeemariiehh

¨Dzai, am I pretty?¨

¨You are pretty Dzai, but know your place¨

LOOOOL, the last words are indeed a joke. But trully, you are pretty. All girls are pretty because God made you fearfully and wonderfully. 

Question by: @abby_gasu26

Question by: @jhimarie

¨Why so pretty?¨ and ¨How to be pretty just like you?¨

My response is ¨I hope that I feel the same for myself. Btw, imissyou¨ and jokingly, ¨Take a bath 2x/3x a week¨

I know who I am and my value as a child of God. But as a human being, I also wake up in the morning thinking I am not that pretty. But I am blessed to realize everynight that I should not value myself depending on worldly perspective of beauty. 

Of course, my second answer is another joke LOOOL.

Question by:

¨Imissyou sis :* ¨

My answer, ¨Imissyoutoo Sis! Do I already have a niece?¨ 

When someone just got married, the next thing that you are going to ask is when are they planning to have a baby LOL. I really love babies and I am happy that an old friend of mine got married and now planning their own family. Such a blessing! 

Question by: @leyannahhearts

¨How to be you?¨

I told her, ¨Just keep on praying¨

It seems a joke but that is true. Just keep on praying for God to show your value as a woman and a child of God. It is indeed important for you to build your confidence in everything. And also, by knowing your value, you are going to set standards in your life and people will see you the best. 

Question by: @mayannecasta

¨What are we gonna talk tomorrow? I am nervous¨

And I just replied, ¨secret¨

It is just so funny, LOL. Because I just messaged her that I need to talk to her regarding work and just like that. I did not give her a clue hahaha. But that is not something serious tho. 

This photo is the end of ¨Ask Me Anything¨ with the caption ¨I did Ask Me Anything just to show off my Snapchat photos/videos. Goodnight¨. 

I am that kind of person that I take a lot of photos but I always forget to post it on social media. Actually, sometimes I just do not want to because I do not want to feel like I am asking for attention and value from other people. It is indeed important to know your value from God and not from anyone else. But that was me, sharing myself because I just feel happy and pretty. God bless you! 

¨Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.¨

2 Corinthians 1:21-22

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